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Fight Cruelty

The most frequently asked questions are "How many horses do you have?" and "where do they come from?"

I have to stop and count because it can change on a daily basis. There are more horses that need good homes besides the few we have listed. Sundown Horse Rescue can only take in so many; others are in foster homes and there is a waiting list of horses that sometimes I can place into homes before they arrive at our rescue.

Where they come from:

  • The horses are surrendered by their owners who need to move, who can no longer physically take care of them or afford them.
  • Some horses are abandoned and brought to us;
  • Some are seized by humane officers; and
  • We get a few from other shelter/rescue facilities who have too many.

I am amazed at how people find us and the stories with each horse. I could write a book. Humans have an amazing capacity for love and cruelty sometimes. I've seen terrible things done by terrible people and some things have been done out of ignorance.

Through education and reducing the unwanted horse population, we are trying to solve these problems.

I am involved with a wonderful group of people who make up the Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition (MNHWC). You can join us by contacting the shelter for more details or learn more at the MN Horse Welfare Coalition website.